Tuesday, July 25, 2017

One Solution

One solution to yesterday's zigzag conundrum is to separate the zigzags. It still took me three attempts to get it right, but I think this will work. I might give it a go, using different colour zigzags against a constant background.

My camera battery died this morning. I wanted to write this before I go to town, so I decided to use the camera on my new phone instead of the camera. Hmm. The camera has 13 megapixels and the picture is clear, but I'm disappointed in the colour. It has a blue tinge, where the camera picture is clear. I wonder why that is.

Deconstructing the Pattern

I decided to see if I could sort out the pattern that was faulty. (By the way, the link to the pattern on a Russian site no longer works, so perhaps the designer realised it's not a good pattern) I'm a beginner at beaded crochet, so this was rather rash. Patterns are tricky because what you see is not what you get. Beads are pushed slightly to the right as you work, so the grid that shows you which bead to put where doesn't look like the final result. A zig and a zag looks like this:
Anyway, I gave it a go. I started by drawing the pattern from scratch. Hmm. What happens is that at some point the repeats run into each other and you end up with 4 beads of a colour in a row, which disrupts the zigzag pattern:
I revisited the original pattern and removed one row of the chart, so that the second repeat would follow on from the first. The designer has made adjustments to compensate for the effect I've described:
I don't like the look of that. I thought perhaps I could make the circumference 10 round instead of 9, but that doesn't begin to work. It's a fatal flaw. Or do you think you could carry on regardless?

Monday, July 24, 2017

A Beaded Rainbow

This is a much better pattern, which can be found here. I would have liked to have done one more repeat, but I ran out of orange beads. I had counted the remaining orange beads carefully, but didn't take into account that a few of them had holes too small for a beading needle to go through! No problem, I think it's long enough to make a necklace for a small girl.

I did learn that size matters. You can crochet different size beads together, but it shows, so is best done for effect. When I worked a trial piece, I chose beads purely on their colour. The light green ones are slightly bigger than the others, and the red ones slightly smaller:
I didn't like the unevenness this caused, so I changed beads for the final version.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Pattern Pitfalls

I'm grateful to all the designers of beaded crochet ropes who have made their patterns available online. Without them, I'd not have been able to learn the craft. But patterns are not all created equal. Yesterday I printed out a pattern that showed the sequence for stringing the beads, but not the draft of the pattern showing which bead goes where. No problem, I thought, I'll make my own draft. I worked one pattern repeat, it looked good, so I spent a couple of hours stringing several repeats. I should have looked more carefully. The pattern repeats didn't follow on from each other. It wasn't going to work.
I spent half an hour this morning unstringing beads. My advice would be that before you print a pattern, make sure it has Draft, Corrected, Simulation and Report, or at least Draft, Simulation and Report.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Five Lizards

Or perhaps geckos. Can you see them? They look as though they're clinging to the bracelet. I thought this pattern was fun. It's only 6 beads in circumference, so it's pretty easy. At first I put them nose to tail, but then the lizards were really hard to see, so I put a space between them. The space could've been greater.  Here's a link to the pattern.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Testing The Idea

I spun a bit of wool and  dyed two shades of brown, similar to the colours used in the original pattern, Beret Cup Cake Rose by Wedina Schmidt. The beret has white in its outer rows, which is why I've used white to join the hexagons. I think hexagons do show the flower pattern better than squares, thanks for all the feedback. I'll take these along to the next craft group meeting and run it past the experts. Fingers crossed they don't think it'll be too outlandish for the rather conservative judges.

Monday, July 17, 2017


I did this one just for practice. I like the contrast between the colourful flowers and the black-and-white 'trellis'. The pattern is by LBeads and is here.